Feel Like Myself Again!

I came to Dr. Detlefsen experiencing pain in my left hip.  The pain had been off and on and would last for a week or more at a time.  It would get so bad that I am unable to bend over to tie my shoes or put on my pants correctly.

Dr. Detlefsen and Chiropractic has definitely help me.  I am now able to walk normally and move freely.  So great to be able to all life’s basic things and more once again!

Hieu N.

Took baby’s pain away!

My daughter Emmy was a very colicky baby, she always seemed uncomfortable and even in pain. I was told she was simply gassy, and her digestive system was just learning how to work and she would grow out of it.

Emmy’s problems got worse 1 ½ weeks after birth. We had many sleepless nights, a lot of frustration and questions with no answers. I didn’t seek chiropractic care until she was 2 months old, when a friend from church told me about Great Lakes Chiropractic.

Now after seeing Dr. Detlefsen, Emmy is a new baby! She is much more relaxed, definitely happier; she eats better, sleeps better, and is noticeably more comfortable. For me as her mom, it has made a huge difference. I felt so guilty knowing something was wrong with my baby and I couldn’t fix it. I couldn’t take away her pain like mommy’s should but I found someone who could.

Emmy S.

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